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Message From The President

Asst. Prof. Chamnian Yosraj, Ph.D

  • Ph.D. Animal Science
    University of the Philippines at Los Ba?os, Philippines (1990)
  • M.S. Animal Science
    University of the Philippines at Los Ba?os, Philippines (1983)
  • B.Agri.Tech (Hon.)
    Maejo Institute of Agricultural Technology Thailand (1977)


Dear Friends,

      Maejo University (MJU) is one of the 26 state universities under the Commission on Higher Education of the Ministry of Education. It is located in Chiang Mai, considered the capital of the northern region of Thailand.

      Part of its glorious past was MJU's establishment in 1934 based on a major concept of HM The King, thus becoming one of the oldest degree-granting agricultural institutions in the country. Since then, it has rapidly progressed from being a teachers' training school to become one of the most prominent state universities in Thailand.
      Today, as MJU continued to carve a niche in the country's educational system, it is prepared to face many challenges caused by many changes in the global world. As the new head of this reputable university, I foresee greater significance of its role as leader in agricultural excellence in the Asian region. Based on our culture and traditions, our graduates truly reflect the quality of education Maejo University continues to offer. They occupy important positions in various organizations especially those that relate and are based in agriculture. Most of them have become leaders of communities, spearheading rural and agricultural development that lead to nation building.

       As it strives to fulfill this mission, Maejo University also hopes to provide enthusiasm to strengthen its international relations by striving to promote academic internationalization without sacrificing its distinct character.

      As such, please allow me to welcome students and academicians from around the world who come to study, train and collaborate with us. As you will become aware of the attributes of its existence, I hope you will find contentment and fulfillment to your visit and presence in our campus. Most of all, I hope you that you will be able to learn to know the character of a Maejo University student besides glorifying in the beauty and charm of Maejo University!

Welcome to Maejo University, the Home of Cowboys!

Chamnian Yosraj


    In the beautiful country of Thailand, Chiang Mai is called the “Rose of the North”. It is certainly a land of beauty and charm that was built on the deep roots of a cultural heritage that dates back hundreds of years of the history of the Kingdom of Thailand. With all its rich traditions, Chiang Mai builds a distinct personality of its own: the natural scenery is spectacular, the climate is perfect for much of the year, the people are charming, the food is delectable and the culture is fascinating. It is no wonder therefore that more than 4 million people visit the northern region a year.

    As the capital of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is situated about 750 km from Bangkok. Its vast tracts of land are mostly dominated by mountains and hills and forests, from where several streams and tributaries originate, and which in turn feed important rivers and irrigation canals that give existence to Chiang Mai’s agriculture. It is along the banks of Chiang Mai’s most important river that its flat, fertile valley area lies. The Doi Inthanon mountain, which is Thailand’s highest mountain at 2,565 meters above sea level, is also found in Chiang Mai.

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Tel : +6653-875-461-2
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